So what does it say about my life that I didn’t watch the entire solar eclipse yesterday, because I had to get back inside and go online?  I guess I could use the cloudy sky as an excuse…but not really.  Yeah, there were clouds (damn Oregon!).  But the partially hidden sun came peeking through them, that surreal dispersed light was there, and, and…I needed to check everyone’s reaction to it on Facebook.  And of course, the pictures people were posting of the eclipse I was clearly NOT watching.

It appears I’m not the only one, as a few of the news blurbs about the eclipse mention how this kind of event has been completely changed by live webcasts, which make it unnecessary to travel out into the desert to watch it, or even to look up into the sky.  Not sure this makes me feel better.  I guess I should be grateful there are still folks out there willing to make the effort to lift up their head and take a picture.  Otherwise the sun might shrivel up and die, and I would never know until the moment I froze to death at my computer.

Anyways, congrats to Zuckerberg.  Facebook may have faltered at the stock market, but it has done just fine continuing to take over my existence.  For an introvert like me, it’s an even more tempting trap.  I can read about how my friends are feeling—and commiserate with them—without going through that awkward process known as a conversation.  We exchange virtual hugs and virtual beers.  And yes, I celebrate the anniversary of my relationship based on the date of my status change from “single” to “in a relationship” on Facebook.  (Granted, when you’re not engaged or married, it can be kinda hard to determine the true starting date of your relationship.)

Which makes this upcoming weekend the perfect antidote.  I will be at a pirate event for three days, camping out in the non-virtual mud, lazying in the possible Oregon sun, with real hugs and real beer.  I’m considering not taking my phone with me at all, so that I can be completely and gloriously cut off.

Naturally, I’ll post about it like crazy on Facebook when I come back…but that’s another story.