Well, I know what I’ll be doing at midnight EST tomorrow.  I’ll be watching for the voting results from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.  The ten registered voters of the town are the first in the nation to vote at the stroke of midnight.  They will have one minute to cast their ballot, their votes will be counted within a couple minutes, and the results will then be announced to the country.  The Dixville Notchers will do their voting at a ski lodge.  Interestingly, the resort where the voting has usually been held is closed due to being renovated with the assistance of a sizable federal grant–I have no idea whether or not that might influence the results.

In 2008, Dixville Notch voted for Obama fifteen to six–the first time they voted for a Democratic candidate since 1968, according to Richard Wolffe’s “Renegade”.  This year, things sound a bit more dicey.  New Hampshire Republicans appear more fired up about Romney and the Democrats less excited about Obama.  (Also, the population of Dixville Notch has clearly declined–did the younger and more liberal voters move away?)

Early and absentee voting has probably stolen some of the thunder from Dixville Notch’s midnight vote, but I’ll still be waiting to see it.  Let’s face it, I live in a non-swing state on the West Coast, so anything the ten residents of that town do will be more suspenseful than my predictable Barack vote.