I love complaining about whatever the media obsession of the moment happens to be, but I love it even more when I can dig up something meaningful hidden behind all the hype.  A couple days ago, my PMS-inspired bitchfest focused on Royal Baby Madness. 

The Madness continues, as the news outlets now breathlessly report on the baby’s first meetings with each of his relatives–I’m sure they had a lot to say to each other–including Prince Harry.  Ironically, the articles about Harry mention something genuinely interesting.  And it’s not “How crazy of an uncle will Harry be?”  No, it’s Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale, which currently has an exhibition of photos on display in London showcasing its work.

Sentebale is devoted to helping the most poor and vulnerable children in Lesotho, many of them either living with HIV/AIDS, or orphaned by it.  Lesotho has the third highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world.  The charity works on providing the children with health care, educational and emotional support.  Now here are some kids which did not have news cameras waiting outside the door when they were born, and they will not be celebrated by the talking heads as they struggle to continue their lives.  Yet they are just as beautiful and royal as any child.  Sentebale means “forget me not” in the Lesotho language, so let’s not forget about the other babies.