Not all the news coming out of Egypt these days is violent or depressing.  Take this, for instance:  the new new Egyptian government has softened the punishment for insulting the President.  It used to be that when you insulted the Egyptian President, you would go to jail for it (something which apparently happened a lot under the deposed Pres. Morsi’s tenure).  Now, all you have to do is pay a fine of $4,300.  Piece of cake!  Although being a comedian in Egypt would still be very expensive.

I felt the urge to post this because I hear so many conservative talk show hosts refer to our current administration as an “oppressive regime,” making it very obvious that they have no idea what an oppressive regime is like.  If this truly were an oppressive regime, these guys would at the very least be bankrupt from having to pay massive fines every day.  After all, insulting the President is their basic occupation.

Which makes one wonder, if they could no longer make a living spewing insults, would that force them to do something useful?  Hmmmmm….