For once, there’s a gun controversy I don’t have strong opinions about.  I mean the Starbucks vs guns brouhaha, caused by the Starbucks CEO politely asking firearms owners to refrain from bringing their weapons into his coffeeshops, so that they don’t scare away the customers.

Thing is, I’m already terrified of Starbucks, because everything there is so overpriced.  On the rare occasion that I run in there to get a snack, it’s always a moment of hair-raising shock, guns or no guns.  I’ve been told that I’m being charged so much because I’m getting the Starbucks “experience”.  I don’t know what that means.  The Starbucks experience feels very generic, and there’s nothing there that I can’t buy somewhere else, either for less money or with more ambiance.

Now, if I walked into a Starbucks and saw a rally of Second Amendment supporters armed to the teeth, would that be frightening?  Well, sure.  But only slightly more frightening than how much I have to pay for one of those tiny packets of sliced fruit.

So, Starbucks Appreciation Days?  Starbucks boycotts?  Meh.  And if I want to splurge, I’ll stick to my Steven Smith Tea.