Today, I stopped my obsession with the government shutdown long enough to marvel at the possibility that I might be a car owner someday.  I never learned how to drive.  I’ve lived in the United States for decades now, so the excuse of “Oh, I’m European!” doesn’t work anymore.  I’ve been shaving my armpits, so I should be driving, too.  But I fail to be interested in cars, and I live in an urban area with public transit, so I don’t have to be interested.

But now it sounds like self-driving cars are the future.  Funny thing is, this Wall Street Journal article talks about how difficult it’s going to be to market those cars.  Self-driving cars are “boring”.  I can understand that.  You’re no longer grabbing the wheel, taking charge of the road and your own destiny.  You’re not revving the engine.  The engine revs itself and the car rolls along like a can with a limp sardine inside of it.  You’re basically a passenger pretending to be a driver.

Me, I love the idea of a self-driving car.  Put me in a comfortable seat and let me read my book while the machine moves forward.  But then again, I already have that kind of futuristic luxury–it’s called a train.  And I’m happy to let others have their human-driven automobile adventures.