And that’s why I’m glad I have a blog.  Because on Facebook, any conversation–literally, any conversation–inevitably turns into a conversation about food.


“Country XYZ might go into civil war.”

“That sucks.  Their government is messed up.  I love XYZian food!”

“Me too!”


“I had a great workout today.  I feel so healthy.”

“You go, girl!  You know what else studies have shown is good for you?  A diet of lard and bacon.”

“Mmmmmm, bacon.”



“I feel depressed.  There’s an emptiness in my life.”

“Awwwww, you need chocolate.”


*cute picture of goats*

“Goats are tasty!”


“What’s the meaning of life?”

“I thought it was bacon…?”

Either we’re a society obsessed with gluttony…or, bacon really is the meaning of life, and I’ve missed out on it all this time.  Not sure which one is the case.