I enjoy writing a check for a good cause sometimes. But now I’m confused. Why is it that in order to donate to the charity of my choice, I have to have a bucket of ice water dumped on my head?

I might have this wrong, but I think that at first, you had to accept the ice bucket challenge and if you didn’t, you’d have to donate more money to make up for it. Which kind of makes sense. Now it’s turned into a free for all with people donating and then getting hit with the contents of the ice bucket for entertainment purposes. In Poland, we have a holiday for this sort of thing on Easter Monday called Smigus Dyngus. Every year, people chase each other around with buckets of water, and nobody donates a damn thing. I guess we all like the thought of drenching each other, and just need an excuse to do it.

However, the ice bucket challenge is still a bit murky to me. As someone who takes hot showers even in the middle of summer, I will need this clarified for me before I go anywhere near that icy water.