Heh.  Progress Illinois reports:

Some downtown Chicago office workers got memos to dress so as to blend in with expected protesters when they go to work Monday, May 21, the second day of the two-day NATO summit, hosted at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center. Workers at one building were told to dress casual and not wear suits, ties — or anything with a corporate logo. Workers at another building were simply encouraged to “look like a protester.”

Does that represent at least a symbolic victory for the 99% — that the 1% is temporarily being forced to look like us?  For even more effective blending, I suggest that the downtown workers learn how to wear a panicked expression on their face, that expression the rest of us have when we realize we won’t be able to make our next mortgage payment, don’t know where our health care coverage is coming from, and will not be able to find a decent job anytime soon.  Good luck imitating that!