Toddler beauty queens.  Families which think that spawning nineteen babies is a great idea.  Gator hunters from the swamps.

See a pattern here?  Yes, I disagree with the Duck Dynasty guy’s views on homosexuality.  But the purpose of these characters is to be freakish.  The TV channels which rely on these shows for ratings scour the darkest recesses of this country and dig up the bizarre and the shameless.  And we’re supposed to be shocked that they have backwards opinions?  About a year ago, Michelle Duggar–of 19 Kids And Counting fame–made a speech at an evangelical conference in which she gave tips for being a more obedient wife.  Seriously…this is the kind of thing we should expect from this crowd.

More importantly, why should we care what these reality “stars” think?  It turns out Honey Boo Boo is in fact in favor of gay rights–so what?  This is still Honey Boo Boo we’re talking about.  Since when do we care what the circus sideshow thinks about marriage equality, or any other issue?  I guess we do now, and that makes me far sadder than anything Phil Robertson will ever say.

See, I knew even with my Lent commitment, I would still find plenty to blog about.  Now it’s Michelle Duggar, the wife from the “19 Kids and Counting” reality show, who apparently has been giving lectures with tips for Christian women about how to achieve marriage success.  Here are a few of Michelle’s unsurprising tips:  Being subservient to your husband.  Not criticizing your husband’s mistakes.  Making sure that your looks conform to your husband’s fantasies.  Asking your husband to tell you when you have a resistant spirit.  (Which in my case is completely unnecessary:  my boyfriend and I already know that I have a resistant spirit, haha).

I guess all this leads me to wonder what exactly we define as success.  Is a marriage considered a success because it has lasted for a long time—at any price?  I’ve seen a couple episodes of the 19 Kids show, and Michelle always seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown (and I can’t blame her).  Is that success?  I know that I don’t consider having 19 children to be a success.  I realize that people want to have children, but just a couple of kids can be a challenge.  And nineteen?  How do you even know who you are anymore at that point?  And if you’ve lost your identity and don’t know who you are, how are you a success?

Also, I would like to think that a truly successful marriage would be a relationship in which the husband and wife are partners and equals.  But I realize people have different definitions of success, and under this particular definition, whether or not your relationship actually works well for both partners doesn’t appear to hold as much importance.  Again…success??

There, that wasn’t so hard.  I should add that the Duggars have come out as supporters of a certain Presidential candidate who shall not be named…but I didn’t actually blog about him! 

More of Michelle’s tips can be found here:

Check out the section about hairstyles and what they should reflect about you–it’s fascinating!