When JP Morgan experienced its humongous loss of 2 billion dollars recently, there were, as always, people who benefited from the situation.  According to Business Insider and other sources, one of those who made the biggest profit was Boaz Weinstein, a “legendary credit trader”.  He made so much money off the JP Morgan catastrophe that he is currently in the process of purchasing a pricy Manhattan apartment.

And what interesting tidbit of info has come to light about this guy?  Why am I not surprised to hear this?  He was banned from a Las Vegas casino for counting cards at blackjack.  Right.  All of these Wall Street sharks have been cheating us in a giant card game for years now.  I have no objection per se to the idea of hard-working businessmen making a profit…and I think most of us don’t…it’s just that I have the impression that this isn’t a world of hard work and reward anymore—rather, I’m living in a casino, and the blackjack game is rigged.

Can we get these guys kicked out of the game already?  Seriously?