This edition of election day hijinks is dedicated to Karl Rove, who thinks Obama won due to voter suppression.  (And he suppressed the vote by…saying bad things about his opponent.  I thought this was normally called campaigning?)

It appears there was an online attack on election day in Chicago which shut down the Chicago Board of Elections website–the website voters could use to find out which precinct they needed to go to in order to vote.

From the Chicago Tribune article:

“We are investigating the possibility that our website problems this morning were caused by a malicious attack,” said Langdon Neal, spokesman for the Chicago board of elections. “We were overwhelmed by hits, and we know that a significant portion of them did not come from individual voters asking to find their polling place.”

He said many of the requests appeared to be coming from computer servers.

“We can tell by the way the requests are coming in and the volume….It’s behaving like a computer program and not like people with legitimate questions.”

And an interesting fact from Ezra Klein’s blog in the Washington Post:

Note that 16 percent of Obama voters had to wait longer than thirty minutes to vote Tuesday, versus only 9 percent of Romney voters, according to a survey by Hart Research.

In my own home state of Oregon, an election worker got in trouble for tampering with ballots.  She just so happened to be a Romney supporter and was marking the ballots to invalidate Obama votes.  Fascinating….since I thought the Democrats were the ones encouraging voter fraud.

Add to that the long lines and lack of early voting, most of it suspiciously focused on areas with high levels of Obama support…and the amazing thing is, we still won!  Yeah, we Democrats have been in quite the self-congratulatory mood over the past few days.  But if there was ever a time when we can congratulate ourselves for overcoming the odds, it would be now!