Why not?  Conservatives are obviously salivating for this to happen, no matter what the reason.  Don’t get me wrong–I don’t actually want President Obama to go away.  For the most part, and despite some disappointments, I still like the job he is doing.  No, I have a different reason for my impeachment cravings–nostalgia.

I’ve lived in the States since 1991, and the Clinton years were quite simply the best years I have ever seen in this country.  For a short while, America really became the land of milk and honey I’d always heard about.  The abundant jobs, the peace and stability….those days when our biggest problems consisted of Jerry Springer and Monica Lewinsky.  Ahhhhhh.  Since Clinton, it’s been a depressing downward slide into the war on terror and austerity.  Is it really too much to hope that an impeachment rerun might bring back some of that mid-90s deliciousness? 

The story would be pretty much the same this time around, except without the adultery.  Once again, only half the Congress is Republican, so the House would vote to impeach, and the Senate wouldn’t.  The President would remain in place.  If the American people got too irritated with all the time and money spent on the investigation, as they did during the Clinton debacle, the President’s popularity might go up and the midterm elections might bring more votes for the Democrats.

So I say, bring it on, Republicans.  If you do, I might be able to say with a straight face: “My favorite Presidents always get impeached.”