You talk about science fiction, but you sneak novels with titles like “The Sheik’s Mistress” into your purse.

You listen to public radio in the morning, but you love your reality TV at night.

You say you like jazz and indie rock, but you sing Lady Gaga songs in the shower.

You support the Democrats, but you vote against higher property taxes.

You always eat your kale salad with a side of potato chips.

You’d kiss a girl for fun, but you dream of a man marrying you.

You still like to wear your old pair of Uggs around the house.

You’re not as cool as you think you are.  And admit it–when nobody’s watching, you’re okay with that.


Feeling frustrated and tired of the debacle, so taking a little pop culture break.  Here is Lady Gaga demonstrating her new flying dress:

Come to think of it, maybe we could replace Congress with the Haus of Gaga?  Everything which has happened over the past few weeks has felt like a big performance art piece anyway.  This way it could at least be slightly more glamorous.