This week, Rush gleefully reported on a study which seems to show that, as the headline on his website proclaims, “The Ugly Support Liberal Causes”.  Naturally, Rush believes that this is proof that liberal causes attract losers.  Since, you know, physical attractiveness is the ultimate measure of one’s worth.  Here I thought conservatives touted themselves as the ones who base their lives on deeper spiritual values, but I guess those values go no deeper than the skin.

The study was conducted at Stanford University and the results indicated that those who think of themselves as unattractive were more likely to be willing to give a donation to Occupy Wall Street.  Ah, people who support Occupy have lower self-esteem, right?  Well, here’s the interesting part of the study Rush didn’t talk about–those who think of themselves as physically attractive also think that they belong to an elite social class–whether or not that’s actually the case.  So it might be that those who see themselves as beautiful are in fact…delusional.  They might be like the working class schlubs who vote Republican because they have a firm conviction that they, too, will strike it rich one day.  Hey, they don’t need to worry about the social problems Occupy wrestles with, because they know they are gorgeous and successful–or at least imagine that they are.

As for Rush, the unattractive have been a topic of his for a long time now.  He has often claimed a link between unattractiveness and liberalism, and is quite proud of himself for doing so.  Poor Rush–he’s still in middle school.  He thinks that if he keeps bashing the other uncool kids, he will become one of the beautiful people himself.  Obviously, money and fame can’t buy you a sense of emotional security.

So here goes from the ugly liberal to the ugly conservative–Rush, you’ll always be one of us.  You can’t get away from that.  Stop picking on your own tribe.

Here’s a great example of why the IRS scandal has opened up a huge can of tax-exempt worms.  One of the groups complaining about getting extra scrutiny is the Citizen Awareness Project of Colorado.

Well, here is what this same group was doing back in October of 2012:

Less than three weeks before Election Day, a new mystery group dropped nearly $1 million on an anti-Obama expenditure, according to records. Citizen Awareness Project appears to be a nonprofit organization. It reported the independent expenditure opposing President Barack Obama Thursday, according to a filing with the Federal Election Commission.

The group helped make marketing materials for the Heritage Foundation, among other things.  Why *should* an organization like this be tax exempt, when it is so clearly political?  I don’t want groups whose main purpose is to support either liberal or conservative candidates to receive a tax exemption.  The main goal of a tax exempt nonprofit is supposed to be social welfare.  According to the above article, the treasurer of Citizen Awareness Project is a law clerk who specializes in election law.  This is not a group focusing on social welfare of any sort.

For an extra helping of what can only be viewed as strange sarcasm at this point, there are plenty of conservative postings from 2011 and 2012 complaining about the tax exempt status of Occupy Wall Street.  Yeah, it does seem ironic now, doesn’t it?

I think neither side should be able to get away with taking advantage of tax loopholes.  I’ve gotten used to the fact that we all have to live in the middle of a big, dirty political fight…but at least make the participants pay some taxes!

Heh.  Progress Illinois reports:

Some downtown Chicago office workers got memos to dress so as to blend in with expected protesters when they go to work Monday, May 21, the second day of the two-day NATO summit, hosted at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center. Workers at one building were told to dress casual and not wear suits, ties — or anything with a corporate logo. Workers at another building were simply encouraged to “look like a protester.”

Does that represent at least a symbolic victory for the 99% — that the 1% is temporarily being forced to look like us?  For even more effective blending, I suggest that the downtown workers learn how to wear a panicked expression on their face, that expression the rest of us have when we realize we won’t be able to make our next mortgage payment, don’t know where our health care coverage is coming from, and will not be able to find a decent job anytime soon.  Good luck imitating that!