In my continuing quest as a news junkie, I spent time this weekend trying to get more information about the Fukushima aftermath, as mainstream media reporting on this topic has been sporadic at best.  And right down the rabbit hole I went.  All the usual websites have a Fukushima conspiracy theory, and a video with scary synth music to match, talking about all the bad stuff going on in the Pacific.

But there really is lots of bad stuff going on in the Pacific.  Up and down the West Coast, starfish are disintegrating due to a mystery disease.  Sea lion pups are dying at unusual rates in California.  On land, moose in North America are collapsing and dying, and we still haven’t figured out why.  And polar bears and seals in the Arctic are losing fur and suffering open sores.

I was left with a sad conclusion–we’re poisoning our ocean and coasts.  There is no hard and fast evidence linking any of the above things to Fukushima, but it doesn’t matter if there is.  There is plenty of other pollution to go around.  Fukushima or no Fukushima, we are throwing chemicals and trash and plastic and overfishing and climate change into the mix, and sooner or later will experience the consequences.

Fukushima may still turn out to be a much bigger radiation disaster, but even if it doesn’t?  We’re doing an excellent job of killing ourselves and our world off, anyway.