I work for a health insurance company.  The week that the Affordable Care Act was passed, our CEO sent us an e-mail telling us what a great development this was for our company, since it would bring us lots of new business.  This was the reaction to the supposed Commie takeover of health care–a health care plan which, in reality, would benefit private corporations quite a bit.

There are interesting suggestions popping up (here and here) that the President’s gun control reform may follow the same pattern.  Specifically, the prediction is that Walmart is excited about participating in the deal with President Obama because closing the gun show loophole on background checks will drive customers away from buying guns at gun shows and will lead them to do their discount weapon shopping at Walmart.

So for all the end of the world panicking from our friendly Second Amendment militias, some gun sellers are likely to get an advantage from future gun laws.  They have all been doing very well so far–gun sales have been brisk since Obama’s re-election, and prices for assault weapons have gone up, even as much as doubled, since the Newtown shooting.

Yep, the Newtown massacre has only improved things for those who make a profit from selling guns.  And while this worries me, since it calls into question my belief in karma or any other type of spiritual justice actually being at work in this universe, it sounds like the weapon merchants themselves don’t have that much to worry about.