As I voted this year, it’s been tempting to cast a vote for politeness. That is, for those who don’t engage in excessive phone and mail harrassment.

It was my father who first came up with the idea of answering political calls with: “Which party or candidate do you represent? Okay, I’ll be sure to vote against them! Don’t you know it’s rude to call this often?” I never did try this method out, although I wish I did–it would have been nice to make everyone feel a little nervous.

And there has been so much obnoxious behavior to vote against this political season. The piles of printed junk stuffing our mailbox. The endless ringing of the phone, sometimes ten to fifteen times per evening. Multiple calls from the same number within just a few minutes, trying over and over again when I refuse to answer the phone. The Monsanto-sponsored voicemail which was impossible to turn off even after hitting the “Off” button on the phone repeatedly, but instead continued talking at me about why I should oppose labeling of GMO foods. (If anyone ever needed more proof that Monsanto was satanic, this would be it…) Last but not least, the robocall which started with the words: “I know you’re tired of political calls, but….” Yeah. Yeah, I am.

But while the urge to vote against the rude people was strong, that probably would have only resulted in my voting for minor party loser candidates…since publicity = success in our political system. So I went down the usual boring road of voting on the issues. I have a feeling the causes I supported will lose anyway.

No matter what the election results are, I’m happy the calls will stop after tomorrow.